10 personal signs that I am hypomanic

This pretty much explains how I feel, but I usually don’t notice til it is pointed out to me.

Bipolar Whispers

When coming into a hypomanic or manic episode it is not always easy to realize it within ourselves.  It is not like a warning bell goes off inside us or a red light begins flashing to let us know of the danger ahead. There have been times when I have been in the episode for quite some time before I realize how bad it has gotten or before someone finally has the nerve to tell me that I am in an episode.  Unfortunately I do not always see the signs as they begin to appear.

For anyone who has been hypomanic or manic they probably understand that completely, you are probably sitting there nodding your heads because it is so familiar.   While I am sure there are others who have not experienced hypomania or mania and are sitting there reading this shaking their heads wondering how we did not see…

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