Daily Archives: April 1, 2015

Med change has to wait, darn insurance company.

When I went to get it yesterday the pharmacy didn’t have it and so I had to wait until today, except today I got a call from pharmacist that my insurance is denying it and must have a pre-authorization. I had to go through this with the Xarelto. So could be a few more days or never if they don’t approve it at all. I hate insurance companies. Medicare is worse than the others sometimes I think. I have an HMO that runs the show and they are very picky. I can’t even go to my original doctors in some cases. I hate changing.

  • I just fed my cat so I have a few minutes of quiet before she starts meowing again. She is staring at me.
  • No walking today, I have 2 huge blisters on my toes.
  • I ate too many carbs. I am not even going to check my sugar level.
  • Drank most of my water so far.
  • Forgot my morning pills and detox drops. Not a good day so far.
  • I was supposed to babysit today and my daughter woke me up to tell me I didn’t have to . Hurray for that, but then it took forever to get back to sleep and then the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.