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Many Challenges come my way

Great blog post on positive vs negative thinking. Thank you!


Many challenges come my way but I know I’m going to make it! Why?? Because I have made it before. Even though it may be storming. I will make it through the storm. I have made it before. I will make it again.

If you think you can’t make it, think again. We all have something great in us. We have a special strength down in us, we just have to reach deep down and pull it out. You can make it!

We never know until we face a challenge that we are brave, strong, fantastic, all the above. We have to keep telling ourselves that. Speak to ourselves with bold strength and say I can make it! I know I can make it! If I just hold on. Pay very close attention to every little thing we say to ourselves.

Sometimes we have the tendency to talk down to…

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Coming Out as Fat

My fat is just one of the stigmas I live with. I also have mental illnesses. Don’t know which is worse. I love this blog.

Dances With Fat

Burrage Library at Olivet Hey, that’s me at beautiful Burrage Library at Olivet! Picture taken by the super fabulous Cea Noyes.

Greetings from Michigan!  I had such a cool day at Olivet College.  I gave a talk about Body Privilege to the Sociology/Anthropology students, then a talk about working with athletes, as well as general populations, of every size to the Health and Human Performance students.  Lunch was originally going to be with students, but ended up being with some of the coaching staff and Olivet faculty, and Cea Noyes who has been my completely fabulous guide through this trip.

Then I gave my Positive Body talk to students, faculty, staff, community members, and some amazing teen girls from a student group that works with at risk high school kids at a nearby juvenile home.

I had people tell me that I helped them see themselves differently and improve their relationships with their bodies.  I had people tell me that I…

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BS 73, on the low side again…

I have been awake since 6:00, but didn’t get up to 8:00 AM. I kept hoping to fall back asleep. As I said last night the BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) seemed to be acting up with its rapid mood swings and I was happy and then 15 minutes started feeling depressed and I gave up and went to bed early where I read til I felt drowsy from the pills and then went to sleep. I was used to just the Bipolar as a child and would go 3 months manic, a small dip in the middle and then swing to the depression for about 3 months. As an adult the swings were rapid and all over the place. In the hospital I found out that that was linked to BPD and I had a few more diagnoses. The current mood stabilizer if stronger than my anti-depressant kept the rapid swings more under control, but now I had to drop down the dose of mood stabilizer and the mood swings are out of control. Right now I want to go back to bed, but I won’t sleep so trying not to at least for now.

  • My blood sugar is low again, only 73. Could be part of my problem right now because I really don’t feel too well. I have to eat, but I took my thyroid pill which has to be on an empty stomach so have to wait a bit. While I was laying down I didn’t feel it so much.
  • I took a shower, didn’t wash my hair, because it is so thick and long that holding my arms up with the Fibromyalgia is quite painful and my back is already hurting bad. I guess I should be glad that I had a few good days there.
  • Weighed myself again and currently down to 219 which is another 3 lbs. I am watching my carbs and snacking better. Plus eating a small breakfast.
  • Took all my morning pills and the detox and the inhaler.
  • Breakfast – eggs, no bread or meat

Bad habits I still have to work on is:

  • doing my laundry regularly so I have clean clothes
  • making my bed, I hate my room with a messy bed and I always used to make it when I got out of it
  • stop eating out
  • vacuum more than every 4 weeks or more, this floor is filthy and the cat is messy, but the vacuuming is too much and I end up in bed for the day barely able to move

I know I should be grateful for the 2 days of little pain I had, but it is hard not to complain when you entire body hurts.


You can’t go back! (Partly non-fiction)

You can’t go back! (Partly non-fiction)  <— link to original story, name changes and we don’t have twins

You can’t go back!

The twins sleep restlessly in the backseat of the car while traffic, still heavy at this hour of the morning, streams around them. This was their vacation and they’d decided to take the kids back to where they grew up and show them where they used to live.

Finding the highway that led to the small town they were looking for was easy enough, but nothing looked the same. It had been around 8 years or so since they traveled this route and back then there was nothing to look at but woods. Now the area had grown and was all businesses.

With a little difficulty they located the road that led to the mobile home park they had lived in. The drive seemed longer than it used to and they began to wonder if they had accidentally picked the wrong road in all the unfamiliar territory.

Eventually they saw the Mobile Home Park up ahead on the left. Joanie slowed down and they both stared mutely at the remains of what had once been their home.

The kids started waking up and wanted to know what was the matter. They had not yet noticed the destruction outside.

Joanie pulls into the road the road that had once housed their trailer. What had used to be a pleasantly laid out park was now a scattered array of destroyed trailers tossed every which way. Some even looked like some giant kid had thrown a fit and tossed some of them away from him and stomped on others.

“Maybe this is the wrong place Joanie. Pull around to the other side of the park.”

Joanie backs out and starts to pass the park and there, still standing, is the A-shaped Rental Office and store still pretty much intact. This was definitely the right park.

What a bitch!


We actually did go back to a Mobile Home Park we lived in and found it in exactly this amount of destruction. Quite a shock! I set about researching and found that several tornadoes had touched down in that area after we left the state to come back to our home state. The rest is fiction.

Revenge of the Bumble Bee – Non-Fiction

Revenge of the Bumble Bee – Non-Fiction  <—- link to original post

Revenge of the Bumble Bee

I had my hands full of dishes from the counter when a bumble bee flew up under my uniform dress. I immediately dropped the dishes on the counter and began swatting at my dress trying to get it out.

Brenda yelled, “stop, you’ll make it sting you!” I actually knew this! Too smart for my own good at times.

Too late, I made contact with the bee. I ended up with several stings for my trouble. Although not allergic to one sting from a bee, more than one made me sick and the leg swelled up to almost an inch and was about six inches wide.