Blood sugars coming down in the afternoon now…

  • I ended up back taking a nap around noon, but the cat was trying to climb all over me to get to the window to see out. Needless to say it wasn’t a long nap, mostly just rested my aching body.
  • I went to the chiropractor and got adjusted. Not as painful as normal.
  • I was late taking my 2nd dose of adrenal support and the detox.
  • For dinner I had cheeseburger with no bun and some french fries. Except for the fries the burger really had no carbs except maybe 1 for the cheese.
  • Took BS reading 1 hour after and it was 143 up from 105 before dinner. Just have to recheck before 2 hours to get the actual reading. I might finally be getting a handle on this. I just rechecked it at 2 hours and it was 250. That is not good. Still not under control.
  • We walked at the park after dinner.
  • I rechecked my sugar again at 5 hours. It is now down to 183. Still too high. Have to work harder. I know losing weight can help bring down BS. I hope I didn’t wait too long to finally get my butt in gear and try to get my BS’s under control.
  • Took my night medications and hope to have an early night again. These early mornings and no naps are making me tireder earlier at night now. Maybe I will finally get onto a more normal sleep schedule.


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