Blood sugars still low, now if I could bring down the later ones…

  • I am doing better at least checking the fasting blood sugars and they are low, 78 today. No sense doing it later until I have my diet under control.
  • I weighed myself and still 219, so still at 6 lbs lost. I know the numbers fluctuate, but I find them going up and down and up a little and then down until it drops to another small window. Right now holding at 219.
  • Had a lot of water and my pills, inhaler, detox and nasty adrenal support chewable pills.
  • Ate breakfast – eggs, no toast or meat.
  • Today is my chiropractor appointment and that is going to be hell on my back for sure.
  • Mood – not sure, depressed, not suicidal, but not happy about life in general.


4 thoughts on “Blood sugars still low, now if I could bring down the later ones…

    1. Tessa Post author

      I have been told that juice is a no-no because of the high sugar content in the juice. I can occasionally have an orange or apple, a little less sugar in the real fruit.


  1. FLO

    Plus, you get the fiber in the actual fruit. I could only have one quarter of a cup of orange juice but I could eat the fruit, itself. Interesting, huh?
    Hope the chiro appointment goes better than you think it will!



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