Depressive spiral…

I am tired of the rain and the cold. I need to see the sun and warmth before I spiral any  lower. I probably should get back in the habit of opening the curtain in my room to make it not so dark and depressing. I can’t even begin to tell you what mood I am in right now. I am not suicidal thankfully, but just feel dead inside. It doesn’t help that my pain has been so bad since it got cold again.

  • I went back to bed late this morning and slept til my son came home and was ready to eat. He also wanted to go to the store, so I had walking to do because he always parks far away and makes me walk. I have a handicapped placard, but he is trying to make me walk more. I understand his theory, but my body doesn’t like it and I usually suffer for it especially when we go to Walmart and he parks far away and then we walk all over the store with me leaning on a cart for support. 
  • I had pizza again for dinner
  • drank all my water and took all my meds – will be heading to bed soon and hoping for a better day tomorrow
  • the cat is watching me from in front of her food bowl – she has food on it already
  • tomorrow is the chiropractor appointment again and I can hardly wait for him to push on my back right where it hurts the most


10 thoughts on “Depressive spiral…

    1. Tessa Post author

      I only have one slice. I tend to eat 2-3 at a time so I did cut down and except for peanut butter crackers as a night time snack and my breakfast that was all I ate. We are waiting for my son to get paid and then we are going to work out exactly what we need from the grocery store.


  1. arcade1775

    If you don’t mind me asking, where in the world are you? The weather has been similar here in NYC and… hopefully that chiropractor appointment is all you hope for it to be. I could use some of that myself.



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