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Change of scenery…

I tried playing with colors. I may try some more later, but let’s see how I like this color first. I will give it some time to grow on me.

Sugar levels still on track. Amazing that simply splitting the pill back to its original 5 mg in morning and 5 mg at night rather than 10 all at night is working so much better. Of course I am having more discipline in my life and that I am sure helps a lot.

I took my 2nd Latuda. Hopefully my body will adjust and I won’t be a looney tune again tomorrow. I told my son to keep an eye on me because I am not always aware of things that go wrong with these medications. I had that happen before and my mom would tell me that it is time to see the doctor again you are doing blah, blah, blah.  I always hated those conversations, but I was unaware of what was going on a lot of the times. So now he is my appointed medication guardian. He tells me any how. He is always telling me I am acting looney. My daughters think I am drunk and I don’t really drink.

I have taken all my pills and most of my water. Didn’t drink as much today because I napped in the afternoon. While on the computer I drink constantly. Like I used to drink the soda. I wanted one today, but didn’t have it.

I ought to start getting ready for bed and read for awhile since my fingers do not want to cooperate with this keyboard and the keyboard has a sticky “c” and that is driving me nuts.


The Secret to Being Happy with What You Eat.

This is all helpful information for a food junkie trying to straighten herself out.

The Zeit

Black Beans in a blue and white bowl Black Beans. Image by Gualberto107

We all have THAT friend…you know…the one who has a second helping of dessert and still manages to stay thin??!!

When I was struggling to lose weight that I had gained during my undergraduate degree, I remember watching some of my friends with envy.  Why did they get to eat whatever they want and I didn’t?

It never occurred to me to ask them what their eating habits were on a regular basis.  Years later I found out that those same friends had a secret.  When I discovered their secret, I started slowly losing weight and keeping it off.

So what was that secret?

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Slurring, loopy, what’s up Doc?

Well I went to brunch, came home and laid down. I napped for a bit before my son wanted to go grocery shopping. He asked me was I drugged up because I was slurring my words and acting loopy. Well the only difference is the Latuda. He says it has finally stopped. Hopefully this will go away on its own. I drove this morning and felt fine.  This is just day one and so I don’t know what to expect. Sometimes it takes me weeks to react badly to a drug. I will have to wait a bit more and see what the next few days bring.

Tessa — who had better pay her bills before I forget them in my drugged up state <sigh>!

Latuda, hmm…

I took my first Latuda last night. I had to take it early since it had to be with food and I wasn’t going to be eating later. I was tired and took the night pills just in case. When a pill bottle says may cause drowsiness I panic and take the pill and lie down. Because when I took Trazedone I took the pill and barely made it 3 feet to the bed. It didn’t last and eventually it was keeping me up and hyper.

Well I wasn’t drowsy or dizzy or anything. I felt nothing different. It took forever to get to sleep and that is with my normal sleep medications. I don’t know if things will change. They better. I was up and down all night. Worse than normal.

One pill isn’t enough to make a decision and I would hate to have to give it up right away after all the battles to get the damn medicine. I was awake at 6 AM, but stayed in bed and I dozed til 8 AM and finally gave up and got up.

My fasting blood sugar is 106, still not bad or over the recommended amount. I took my morning medications and my inhaler and the nasty adrenal support. I stopped the detox because someone warned me about that and I asked a couple people and they agreed it could affect my medications. I already have an increase in acid reflux so it might be very true.

My back is still killing me more than normal. I pulled something I guess. I hope it goes away soon because I do not need additional pain. I just put some Lidocaine patches on and hope for some relief. I can’t bend over.

I have an hour until I leave for my every Saturday Brunch with my BFF. Maybe the Lidocaine patch will help. I get Lidocaine/Steroid injections at my Rheumatologist, but he goes easy because of my diabetes. So he limits it to two areas and I see him every 3 months.

I am going to put my happy face on and try to face the rest of the day or back to bed I will go after my brunch.


Why Do You Call Yourself Fat?

I love how you put this. I am fat, not fluffy either. Hate the word Fluffy as well.

Dances With Fat

my name is This name courtesy of hatemail from someone who clearly missed the mark since I’m thinking about changing my name to this and buying a castle.

Today I want to talk about a question that I get asked a lot in many forms.  From “Why would you call yourself fat?” to “how can fat be a good thing?”  to “Do you have to call yourself fat?”  The word “fat” can definitely stir a lot of emotions which is one of the reasons that I use it.

I consider fat to be a reclaiming word.  It’s been used by people whose goal was to bully, intimidate, and stigmatize me through its use.  My use of it is one of the ways that I tell the bullies they can’t have my lunch money anymore. This reflects my belief that I can shift power around the words that are used to oppress me by…

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