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Dad’s birthday, day 3 of Latuda and too many carbs from party

Ok since today was dad’s birthday and I knew my carb count would be high from the party, I made sure to keep breakfast and lunch low. I overdid it and had 2 slices of pizza and 2 pieces of cake. Bad me, but I have been working really hard so I don’t think it is a bad thing once in a while. I checked it at 2 hours and it was 240. Very high, but as long as it comes down I will be ok. I also took my 5 mg of Diabetes medication (Glipizide). I am drinking extra water as it is supposed to help even high numbers out and back down to regular results faster.

I took day 3’s Latuda. I hope I don’t go through those nightmares again. I hate sleeping with every light in my room on, but that is what I had to do last night.

My back is starting to feel better. For believers, my dad did a healing and then asked me to ask my mom in heaven for help. She was a medium here on earth. My family believes in spirits and everything I see is not necessarily a hallucination. I have seen spirits since I was a very young child just like having Bipolar then, but I don’t believe they are one and the same because it runs through the whole family and Bipolar doesn’t. I pulled a muscle or something. This isn’t the Fibromyalgia pain. Getting dressed this morning was rough, but definitely feeling better tonight. Now if I could just sleep without interruption of any kind. How nice that would be.

I am sitting here gazing off into space. I haven’t daydreamed in a while. I am tired from no sleep and no nap today. I hope that means sleep tonight please and thank you.

I am really pleased with how fast my followers are building up. One spot says 90 plus and one says around 240 and I am a little confused as to the actual number of followers. I never imagined this would grow so fast when I started it. My other blog is still growing as well. I also put all the stories from here on there.

My thumb is sore from all the pricking. I can only get blood out of my thumb. The other fingers refuse to give it up, but now that I am drinking so much water the fingers might start working since water makes the blood flow easier. I just checked it again and it is 140 after 3 hours. Down within a decent number. Yes!

Ok all night time medications are taken. Time to start the wind down for the night I hope.


Relaxing Sunday……so far!

I have no choice but to relax my back is still in terrible pain. I wonder if I should try one of my muscle relaxers and see if that helps. The Lidocaine isn’t and I no longer have any strong pain medications including narcotics. I would  have to go back to the pain doctor. Or a new one actually since my insurance doesn’t include my old one.

Morning fasting sugars were 119, a little high so I just had a very low carb lunch. I have been drinking the Glucose Shakes and they also had vitamins and such .

Recovered from last nights dream and slept til about 10:30. That was after taking 2 doses of OTC sleep aid to try and knock myself out. I don’t feel manic, but I am wondering if that is why I can’t sleep and I am trying to force sleep when I should let it go. Or a mixed mood. Heaven only knows.

Sometime today my son and I have to make a trip to Walmart. Things are cheaper there in some areas so we hit 2 stores. I need more strips for my glucometer. I don’t go through Medicare I use Walmart’s. Much cheaper and comparable to the expensive ones. I tried both them and my old meter and they were close in number. Good enough for me.

Started working on my water consumption and took all the pills and inhaler. Will be glad when nasty pills are done. I am not taking that stuff forever monthly. Hope it did what he was hoping for. I have another month or so of them.

I am almost on my 200th post on this blog alone. That is alot. Of course I add helpful info as well as my owns posts and stories.


Tomato: a fruit or a vegetable?

Here are some interesting facts.

It has never occurred to me which one is which until I overheard a conversation in the grocery department.  Tomatoes are a fruit?  No kidding.

Turned out I wasn’t the only one confused.

A fruit is the part of the plant that develops from a flower and contains the seeds.  Fruits are used mostly in sweet cooking and are most often served as a dessert or a snack. The following are technically fruits:  avocados, beans, pea pods, corn kernels, cucumbers, grains, nuts, olives, peppers, pumpkin, squash, sunflower seeds, and — who would have thought — tomatoes.   Blueberries, raspberries, and oranges are true fruits.

tomatoThe Supreme Court might disagree.

Back in 1893, it ruled the tomatoes as being vegetables; this had     to do with imposing tax on the imported vegetables.  More               vegetables mean more taxes.  However, regardless of that      …

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Guess What?


The nightmares are out of control and I couldn’t wake up. I would have screamed if I could get a sound out and if anyone would have heard me. I swear someone was in bed with me and touching me. 

Is it the Latuda? I don’t know since they were bad before I started it. My eyes hurt right now. I can barely see, but I am terrified to go back to sleep again. These dreams only last about 15 minutes and then I wake up in terror and the light is on. There is a feeling of evil in the room. I read too many horror stories I guess although not recently. The light is not helping tonight. I didn’t sleep last night with it, but no nightmares that I remember. 

Sometimes having no partner to sleep with can be the pits. I keep dreaming my sister is sharing the room like it was when we were little. The same figure was on her bed for a while. There is only one bed in here and no sister in here.

I am not sure this is making sense. I am not even sure I am writing it. I think I am going stark raving mad. I would read or something, but my eyes really hurt. I can’t even settle down to try and write more of my life stories. Too jumpy. I need sleep especially after last night and I can’t close my eyes again. Maybe I should leave the bright overhead light on too. I am getting a headache.

I go through this a lot. I am so scared of them. No one else is up. I can’t wake the rest of the household. The way I am ranting they would call for help. 

Ok I gotta stop this ranting and do something and get some sleep. I feel like shit right now.