I slept last night. About time!

I took the Latuda at 5 PM and was asleep by midnight and slept til 9 AM. Now that is a decent nights sleep and the Latuda didn’t seem to bother me since I took it earlier. The main problem is after I took it I got quite hyper. It didn’t get worse and right now I feel pretty good. I did wake up with a headache again though. Might be related. My back is still aching some anyhow. Probably the Fibromyalgia.

I forgot to take my fasting blood sugar, but I was bad and had cake for breakfast again. No more left which is a good thing. My blood sugar was 188 at 2 hours after the cake which isn’t too bad.

All pills, inhaler and started my water consumption for the day. I no longer think about soda and I just sit here and drink water all the time. I am getting plenty now and my skin is more elasticized. Maybe it is helping me sleep. I think it is supposed to.

I haven’t been on the scale with all the pizza and cake. (Though my pants are still loose) Just trying to keep my sugars under control right now. I want to go to the doctors and skip the lecture for once. Although weight loss and exercise were part of his orders. Well one out of three is better than none and who knows maybe I will get back on track again now that the cake is gone. Pssst there is still chocolate cake down there, but I don’t care for chocolate cake so I will not be eating that one.


8 thoughts on “I slept last night. About time!

  1. Island Girl

    I am so happy you finally slept , good for you ! I am trying the whole weight loss routine so difficult but trying my hardest. Keep positive and strong.


        1. Tessa Post author

          I just caved and had some chocolate cake. I want more and I am not a big chocolate cake eater. I had better find something to occupy myself.


          1. Island Girl

            That’s the thing with confectionery’s they are so tempting. Get far away from that cake ,because before you know it ,it’s a empty plate with crumps .



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