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Sore Sunday…

Just a quick note to say that I am slowly working my way through my backlog. I am down from over 2000 posts to just over 1600. I am still reading from the newest first because the rest is very old and may not be viable or of interest anymore. This way I am sort of keeping up.

I tested my fasting sugar this morning and it was 162. So either something from yesterday is still registering or I slept/ate during the night. I have done that before. Either way it is not a good fasting number for sure.

Back to working my way through blog posts until nap time.


This Supplement May Stop Sadness Becoming Depression

Probiotics might help people from getting depression?

Our Better Health

Probiotics may stop sadness turning into depression by helping people let go of the past, a new study finds.

Researchers at the Leiden Institute of Brain and Cognition found that probiotics stopped people ruminating so much.

Rumination is when people focus on bad experiences and feelings from the past.

Dr Laura Steenbergen, the study’s first author, said:

“Rumination is one of the most predictive vulnerability markers of depression.
Persistent ruminative thoughts often precede and predict episodes of depression.”

In the study 40 people were given a sachet to take with water or milk every day for four weeks.

Half of the people received sachets that contained a multispecies probiotic.

The other half received a placebo for the four weeks.

Before and afterwards people’s so-called ‘cognitive reactivity’ was measured.

‘Cognitive reactivity’ is the extent to which a sad mood can turn into something more serious.

The authors explained the results:


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Ginger, A Natural Pain Reliever – Get Immediate Fibro Pain Relief From Ginger – by Healthiculture

The herb, ginger root, is a renowned medicinal herb and had been widely used in Asian cultures since ancient times. It is found to be one of the top healing herbs for fibromyalgia pain relief due to its versitilty and ability to treat various ailments. A recent research conducted by Journal of Advanced Nursing, found that the pain relieving effects induced by ginger is comparable to the pharmaceutical Aspirin

What Fat People Know Best

Dances With Fat

You Cannot Be SeriousAs fat people, we are constantly being told that everyone is a better witness to our experience than we are.  We are told that we’re not competent witnesses to what and how much we do or should eat, or how much we do or should exercise.  Our bodies are held up as proof that we must be lying or deluded and that we can’t possibly know, or be doing, what’s “best for us”.   We are told that everyone from Dr. Phil to Dr. Oz to random people on the internet know more about how we think and act than we do. Some people even act like they’re doing us a favor by pretending to be us and putting words in our mouths.

When we tell people that constant social stigma is damaging to our health, we are told that if we don’t want to be mistreated we should…

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June Is PTSD Awareness Month

June Is PTSD Awareness Month

Spread the word! Join the National Center for PTSD in helping to educate people about Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (¿Qué es el TEPT?and effective treatments during PTSD Awareness Month. Everyone makes a difference. Find out where to get help for PTSD.

Tessa won’t be around as much for a while…

I am in too much pain to use the hand to type much. I have it held tight against my body to type this post. I will occasionally go through some posts and read and like, but the commenting and new posts will be mostly missing. Some I won’t read at all and still unfollowing some of these I don’t know why I followed. I just deleted almost 600 posts from one site and within a few hours of time. It was a photography site and it was out of control. I know I am mouthy (talk alot), but this was way beyond anything I had ever come across. Trying not to unfollow anyone following me. That is not my intent.

Will see you on the flip/dark side 🙂


And the Chiropractor says…car accident pain!

I finally gave up and called my chiropractor and got an earlier appointment. He said he could tell by looking at me that I was in a car accident. The left shoulder drooping and the right higher and more forward. He says no matter the speed the sudden stop will get you. The seat belt held my left shoulder back and my head and right shoulder were forced forward. This also explains the headaches I have been having.

I have a full exam on Monday and he will decide if regular adjustments like I have been doing will be alright or if I need to start full treatment over again at least 3 times a weeks. He will of course be charging it to my insurance company. I told them I was fine. He said sometimes it doesn’t show up right away and I have Fibro which everyone blames every pain on.


Fibromyalgia pain rules today…

I don’t speak about the pain as much as I do my mental status. It is there and unless it flairs up, it is just there. Nothing to be done for it. Today it is flared up and my left arm, shoulder, and neck are in tremendous pain and numb as well. Never a good thing. Makes it hard to type as well as the arm is pulled up close to my body to ease some of the pain. It hurts to sit and the hips are worse than usual.

I can no longer read all the posts. It is just too many of them now. I have over 1350 and it goes up every day and only comes down a little. And today I will be reading and commenting on less.

I am going to go take a hot shower and see if I can release some of the pain. The Cymbalta is supposed to help the Fibro pain and be an antidepressant. It works as an antidepressant, but I don’t know about the Fibro pain. I hate to think without it it would be even worse.

If I press on my arm the pain shoots to my neck and shoulder.

I see the chiropractor today at 4 PM. I am not sure he can do anything to reduce my pain. My spine hurts as well and is pushing on it to adjust it is going to be scream-worthy today I think. I hope everyone has a better day than mine is shaping up to be.


Thankful Thursday

Marsha's Musings

Well I am not thankful to be writing this at 2 AM, but I just had a nice long sleep and now I am awake. So here goes:

  • for my family, BFF, friends and online friends for their support and love and I get more from my online friends by a long shot
  • for the roof over my head (at least until my father passes on, he’s 83)
  • for the food I eat (I can thank the great state of NJ for giving me medical help that pays my part B Medicare and PAAD for my prescriptions and allows me to have money to eat)
  • for the clothes I wear (there is still some life left in things)
  • for my cell phone (to keep me in touch with family and let my BFF know I was in a car accident and would be there later 🙂 )
  • for God watching over me to keep that accident minor and not really major damage to my car or having the air bag deploy and injuring me (can’t say the same for her car unfortunately)
  • for my computer so I can keep in touch and write my blog
  • for my writing ability (always thought I was nothing, but I can write just took me awhile to believe it and then I started my story blog)
  • for not accidentally taking a Latuda the other day (I had the bottle in my hand)
  • for being stable for about 3 weeks now (still can change, but this is a record for me and hopefully found the magic cocktail)
  • for what little sleep I get (it could be worse)
  • for my doctors I can afford to see and for the ones that saw me through even when I couldn’t
  • for my cat who is always hungry (worse than my son)
  • for my son who lives here and drives whenever we go out together (takes the fear of driving burden off of me)
  • for my short and gray hair which is now so easy to take care of (I gave up on vanity)
  • for my weekly brunch date with BFF which helps to keep me grounded in this world (I do have someone here at home base who I can talk to and know she will listen and not give me the crap the kids usually do when I need to talk about mental health)

Tessa — who sees she has lots to be thankful for in this life