Bad Responses to Bad Fat Shaming – Starring Keath Hausher and Tony Posnanski

Love this site! No holds barred.

Dances With Fat

WTF are you doingA fat woman went to a baseball game.  Unbeknownst to her she was sitting in front of certified fitness trainer Keath Hausher.  Keath couldn’t manage to keep his eye on the ball, and instead took the picture of the fat woman in front of him without her consent, and posted it to Facebook accompanied by his judgments about her size, and the food that she ate at the game, calculating the calories she had eaten, and making fun of her for using My Fitness Pal. Keep it classy there, Keath.

The woman found out about it and called him out.  Keath responded “Holy shit, I’m a complete tool, what the hell was I thinking, I apologize for my absolutely fucked up behavior.”

JUST KIDDING!  He doubled down, saying:

As usual, I’ve come under fire for being a ‘fat-shamer’ and a ‘bully’ for my views concerning obesity in our nation. I stand by every comment…

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