Help Others To Help Yourself

For those of you slightly depressed and looking for something to distract yourself, read this article.

Dream Big, Dream Often

I have talked to a lot of people lately that have told me they are a little down or actually depressed. I try to be encouraging while understanding that real depression is a serious issue requiring more than a “keep your chin up” pep talk. With that said I also understand that feeling “down” is not necessarily depression, either. These conversations got me thinking about the best way to beat the doldrums and pull oneself out of a funk.
image credit: beastmodesurvive
Often times when we feel down we spend too much time focusing on ourselves. Stop and reflect back on your last bout with the blues (not depression, that is an entirely different conversation) and think about how much of your thoughts focus on your feelings, your desires, your mood, your everything. And I think this is natural.

But I have a challenge: the next time you are feeling…

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