Of lists of love and hate (challenge)

Of lists of love and hate (challenge)

Thanks to hbhatnagar for nominating me for this one! Now I need to put my thinking cap on and actually think.

The rules are quite apparent

1. Name ten things you love

2. Now name ten things you hate

3. Nominate!

What I love…..

1. Writing

2. Reading

3. Solitude

4. Solitude on a beach by the ocean

5. My computer (couldn’t live without it)

6. The serenity of the forest

7. Flowers as long as I don’t have to plant them

8. My BFF

9. Sara my cat most of the time. It is all that meowing that does me in.

10. A mind in the gutters, like mine! 😀  (I will borrow this one 🙂 )

What I hate…..

1. People

2. Thunders storms (having one right now)

3. The sun directly on me, it is fine through the window I need it for my depression

4. Crowds

5. New situations

6. Abuse of any kind

7. Pain – mental and physical

8. Milk

9. Medications

10. Hot and Cold weather – I like the spring, the rebirth


Nominations, nominations…..

1. https://survivingthespecter.wordpress.com

2. http://tonyburgess1969.net/

3. https://tgc6266.wordpress.com

4. https://bipolarwhispers.wordpress.com

5. https://emma75love.wordpress.com

Hope you try it, and have fun while you’re doing it!

No obligation to try it.

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