Five Phrases for Size Acceptance Self Defense

More helpful hints on curbing fat shaming.

Dances With Fat

Fatphobia ToolboxIn a world that is consumed with “thin” as the ideal of both beauty and health, and where many mistakenly believe that public health should be about making fat people’s bodies the public’s business, practicing Size Acceptance and/or Health at Every Size can mean dealing with conversations that are everything from irritating to downright insulting.

Sometimes I have the time and energy to open a dialog and sometimes I don’t.  Here are five phrases that I keep in my back pocket for when I want to end an inappropriate interaction quickly and move on with my day.

I’m not soliciting opinions about my [body/health/food choices etc.]

I’ve found this super useful when dealing with concern trolling of any kind. It’s not a response that people are expecting, it doesn’t take me down the road of buying into the idea that this person is owed an explanation, and it shuts down further conversation.

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