Giant Fish Tank – (Non-Fiction)

A few years before our divorce A and I went to the Bahamas. Almost 20 years ago.

A is scuba diver and he was quite upset I wouldn’t dive with him and so he set up dives while we were there. I was terrified to put on equipment and go under the water. I had a snorkel and mask and fins with me, but I was afraid of that too.

He convinced me to try snorkeling. Well finally after an hour or more we finally got the mask on my face and face in the water. The water is really clear and you could see fish swimming around. Now my heart starts beating fast. I am terrified of the rays and barracudas and what not down there. All of a sudden a huge barracuda starts to rise to the surface and I scream. A comes over and says I heard you screaming through the water and I still have the mask and snorkel on and screamed under the surface. I had had enough.

Another day he wants to take me out on a boat to a snorkeling ridge where the Angel Fish are about a foot big.

Now we had smaller angel fish in our fish tank a home. He was always trying to get me to put my arm in and clean the tank. I told him know. I didn’t want those fish touching me.

So we went out on the boat. It took me a little less time to get the mask on. We were given bags of food. I should have known what was going to happen. I jumped in and was attacked by the giant angel fish. I screamed again and was told to give them the food. They are used to being fed.

I found myself in a GIANT FISH TANK. And panic washed over me. That did not strike me as funny and no I never cleaned his fish tank.


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