Happily Ever After – prompt by the Daily Post

Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

Well for one thing I don’t believe in Fairy Tales. I don’t believe in Happily Ever After. 

Now for me to be happier than I am now I would need an income that is higher than Social Security Disability. It isn’t anything to write home about and won’t even provide a home. That is why currently I live with my dad. I would like to have one of those tiny homes or a mobile home. I don’t need anything big. I have lived in one room for 12 years.

I would like someone to cook healthy meals for me since I dislike cooking.

I would like to be able to go to whatever doctor I need to without it being a decision of doctor or food. And some months I have to decide which doctor is more important. I have health issues I live with that I can’t afford treatment for. I need the treatment, but can’t afford it. 

And my monthly pittance isn’t considered poverty level. I can’t get food stamps or medicaid to pay what is left over from Medicare.

Nope, not living happily every after at this point. Ask me next year.


13 thoughts on “Happily Ever After – prompt by the Daily Post

  1. Deanne

    Life as it struggles … It’s good to be honest about you feelings and situation… I’m not going to say it gets better or try and change your views. Life sucks sometimes… It really does… You just roll with the punches and what you can in each moment to make it to the next and hopefully the next moment will be better than the previous one… Love 💕💕💕 Take care Tessa

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    1. Tessa Post author

      It might get better. I am still not a completely positive person. I have my moments of negativity, but there is honesty in there as well. My future looks bleek, but I have to have faith that it will work out. It always has so far. Thank you for commenting.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I am working on trying not to worry so much for the future and that things usually end up working out one way or the other even if it doesn’t seem like it. Thank you! ❤

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      1. LeahL

        I know that is so much easier said than done though! Keep working on! I have to remind myself daily, sometimes throughout the day. Keep telling myself “It’s okay, it (whatever event) hasn’t happened yet and I do no know how it will turn out and I do not have power over it, I will take it as it comes”

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  2. jncthedc

    …and with all that you listed you still have it better than a significant portion of our population… It is a shame that the richest country in the world doesn’t provide enough for its citizens in need. When presidential campaign fundraising reaches the BILLIONS with poverty levels soaring, something is out of balance. You are a fighter and survivor and will continue to move forward. There will be bumps in the road, but your family and your spiritual beliefs will provide strength.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you! I keep a weekly gratitude list on Thursdays. I know that I am better off than so many people. It just isn’t a pleasant spot right now. The government doesn’t care. I don’t need a mansion, but to be able to at least afford a small place plus utilities and other needs would be nice. I shouldn’t complain too much anyhow. My one daughter is raising two boys basically on her own their whole lives. Worthless fathers or sperm donors as one of my friends says.

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