Stowaway – prompt for Sunday Photo Fiction

Ship at dock

Ship at dock

Stowaway written by Teresa Dean Smeigh copyright August 2015

Mary listened to the sounds around her. She heard the engines slowing down. She adjusted her gown. She wanted this meeting to be perfect.

She was finding it hard to remain in this cramped box, but she had to wait until the party started or she would be found out. Just then there was a thump on the box.

She heard voices. “Hey Mac, how about giving me a hand with this container. I can’t carry it myself?”

“Alright give me a chance to finish my cigarette.”

She felt the weight lift off the lid of the box. She experimentally tried pushing on the lid and it gave her no resistance. Just then the music started. The party was underway. Mary lifted the lid a bit and peeked out. No one was in sight and she quickly climbed out and fixed herself as much as possible.

She headed towards the sound on deck of the music and the lights. She paused, lo0king around. Guests were just starting to dance.

She spotted Johnny and Amanda and he took her quickly into his arms to dance.

Mary headed towards them with a purpose. She tapped Amanda with a finger and asked if she may cut in.

“Who are you?” Amanda asked.

Johnny looked shocked before saying, “Amanda, please meet my wife, Mary.”

I found a new photo prompt site. This is my contribution to Sunday Photo Fiction.

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