The Pickpocket – Inspiration Monday 5 prompt entry

Inspiration Monday Inspiration MondayA 238 word series of Haikus that tell a story using all the prompts allowed. The prompts are:

Pickpocket Change

Treasured Derelict

Thin Can

Gremlin Nebula

Eyes Down Here


The Pickpocket

written by Teresa Dean Smeigh copyright August 2015


Pickpocket change and
Other odds and ends to find
With the pocket fuzz.

Thin can of soda
Resting on the table cloth.
With the treasures there.

Treasured Derelict
From the Gremlin Nebula
With his eyes down here.

Takes a peek outside
And sees the police man’s horse.
Worry lines his face.

Is he coming here?
Looking for a pickpocket?
Quiets his breathing.

Standing still and waits.
He watches the police man.
As the horse whinnys.

Ready to jump and run
If any sign shows movement.
From the police man.

He is a long way
From the Gremlin Nebula.
What to do? Oh what?

His nerves are fraying.
His mouth is dry. Needs soda.
So he can swallow.

The can of soda
Is on the table not there,
Not within his reach.

Quietly he peeks
Wondering what the police
Are doing out there.

More have arrived now
What should he do with his loot?
They may find it quick!

Where was his buddy
From the Gremlin Nebula?
Did he get caught yet?

Fear begins to stir
Within his dual green heads
With the eyes down here.

Suddenly there is
Knocking against his front door jamb.
He sucks in his breath.

Then there is knocking
At the back of the building.
Men are shouting loud.

Suddenly the back
Door breaks open letting in
The police squadron.

One grabs his two arms
Another grabs all his loot.
Another win for earth.


6 thoughts on “The Pickpocket – Inspiration Monday 5 prompt entry

    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you Ava. I love writing and even though it means falling behind on my blogs I am going to enjoy writing as long as that creative ability remains in me and calling my name. I am running out of prompt pages. I am just whipping through them. Next I will have to go back to the non-fiction which is the stories about my life, children. ex-husband and what’s going on currently. They are listed in a tag called non-fiction if you haven’t tried them yet. They are what makes me tick.



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