Keep Your Concern to Yourself

I hate being reminded by everyone and their brother about my weight. It is what it is!

Dances With Fat

Concern Troll Venn DiagramReader Sara told me about some food-shaming dishes.  One of the plates says “It’s hard to be around you when you eat like this / Did you really need that second helping? / Please stop eating, we’re worried about you / For the love of God, stop eating.”

Let’s start with my answers in order:

1.  See ya.
2.  No, but at this point if I stop eating with this fork I’m going to stab you with it so bring on a third helping or get some gauze for compression.
3.  I can’t stop you from worrying but I can stop you from talking to me about it.
4.  For the love of god mind your own business.

We’ve already talked about the total bullshit that is the “Do you need to eat that” question. But of course it goes beyond that.

I’ve heard people suggest that it’s their moral…

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Concern to Yourself

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    The preoccupation society has with weight, all under the guise of “because I care about your health” is as maddening as the mental health stigma. I say, kiss my fluffy moody ass.

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