My Silky Black Cat – Poem – (Non-fiction)



My Silky Black Cat

By Teresa Dean Smeigh

Copyright September 7, 2015


I love my silky, black cat,
But she’s having none of that.

I rescued her when she was three,
but she doesn’t like people, even me.

I am useful at feeding time
Her constant crying is a crime.

Snuggling is a privilege awarded to me
When she is feeling somewhat carefree.

Rescue an adult cat and see
Their response is traumatically.

It has taken me three years
So I can choose to rub her ears.


14 thoughts on “My Silky Black Cat – Poem – (Non-fiction)

    1. Tessa Post author

      She originally came from the pound and then the adopting couple couldn’t keep her. They really traumatized her. I can’t pick her up and she hides if anyone comes around except 2 people. 2 males, no females and my dad who lives here, she hisses at him and he’s even fed her when I have been hospitalized. Go figure.

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  1. FLO

    She’s a beautiful cat. My older girl cat also experienced trauma before I rescued her. Took her three years to let my dh touch her. Now, she is delighted to roll onto her back so he can rub her belly.

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  2. Bipolarbrainiac

    I have the exact same situation with my adult cats. They hide all day, come out to eat and when we go to bed they both come up an vie for snuggles and soft pets. They are definitely not lap cats. The next time we adopt, we are going adult. They need us more.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I wanted a kitten that I could snuggle from the beginning. All my cats, but this one were snugglers. This one is still traumatized after 3 years.



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