Self-discipline – Day two

  1. Got up at 6:00 AM (slept for about 3 hours or so).
  2. Made the bed.
  3. Took my blood sugar – it was 131 better than yesterday’s.
  4. Took all my medications, inhaler and the detox.
  5. Did some thinking and think that I should had some hoarding/decluttering work in here each morning before sitting at the computer – one I need to stop being a slob and two one doesn’t know how much longer she has to live here and 30 days isn’t much to clean this stuff up unless we get a dumpster and just start chucking-not my favorite idea though it would thrill my son and daughters.
  6. I already found my extra (real, not a copy) car key in the middle of a pile of paper which is now scrap paper. I tend to write short stuff on scrap paper first. Have a nice fresh pile of it and the pile of paper on the desk is gone now.
  7. Showered, teeth brushed and flossed.
  8. Drank 2 bottles of water out of 9 so far.
  9. I have been having trouble walking on the bottom of my left foot. I tried expensive prescription cream, no use, tried cheap cream, no use, the chiropractor sold me a more natural pain cream which I doubted, but out of the 3 it gives me some relief. It just doesn’t last. I can’t put weight on that foot.
  10. Fed Ms Noisy. She won’t shut up.
  11. Therapy is today at 2 PM. We have some things to go over. Especially my changing moods as opposed to being stable. I should have known once I hit the “happy” feelings something would go wrong. It always does.
  12. I am putting off my second article for IBPF. Need to quit procrastinating and now I know more what she wants. Of course she might not want my idea at all. Though she did get 2 of the same nature for my first one and we just changed it to include my own life experiences so I will just do that automatically this time. She can always edit out. Current hold up is my bio picture. She says it came out too small and she can’t see me. I might have to take another and send it full size, by my cell phone.
  13. Speaking of cell phone I just upgraded my iPhone 6 to OS 9 and now I can use my thumbprint to unlock it. Any other finger puts the lock screen up. This way I don’t have to keep hitting my password and only my thumbprint works on it. Tried it with other fingers.
  14. Now I can hit my computer and either read, I am so far behind or work on my article. It is mostly written. Almost ready for editing.
  15. Today is supposed to be cold, but I am hot up here. Even with the ceiling fan on.



3 thoughts on “Self-discipline – Day two

  1. priyankamoraes

    A blood sugar reading of 131 sounds like you are quite a bit in control . My sugars are rocketing !!! Good luck with your discipline plan !

    Have a nice day !


    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you! I need to do a lot of things to get back to being more under control. I have to stop the soda, the junk food and lower my carb count. But right now I am addicted to the sugar again. Have to start over again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. priyankamoraes

        I admire how aware you are of your goals . I wish I was like that . I find it tough to control the carb too . I try and it’s two steps forward and one weak moment and five steps backwards again . However , starting over again is always cumbersome but sometimes we just garner the strength I guess and give it one .ire shot . Good luck Tessa .



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