I fixed it!

I fixed it although not without messing with other things. I don’t think I messed anything up this time though. I am happy again and please, nobody shoot me LOL!

I have to admit, I didn’t keep up with my self-discipline. That lasted about 3 days and then became too much trouble. I told you I had no self-discipline.

My spelling is getting worse. The spellchecker doesn’t pick it all up either. They don’t look like words to me, but they aren’t underlined in red. Makes it harder to catch my mistakes.

I am tired of this damn cat. She is noisy and neurotic like me. I got her during one of my mania phases. I wish Dad said no animals. Now he has a dog. Wherever I end up upon his passing it may allow one quiet animal, definitely not 2 and they are both noisy. Another issue I have to deal with. There is somebody who wants the dog and I love him, but I am not capable of doing all the walking and he is halfway potty trained (came from a shelter) and we thought we had him the rest of the way trained and just found out her had his little spot in dad’s room. He is not happy right now. The cat I can’t even pick up and if the place will let me have her they require updated shots and vet care and I just don’t have the money for that either. She doesn’t have her tags for the township like she should, plus I can’t get a collar on her. Animals are a pain sometimes. I am simply not used to animals like this.



4 thoughts on “I fixed it!

    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you! I have heard that if you lack in one thing God will give you another gift. Mine is writing. My daughter who struggled in school is am amazing artist and graphic artist. I didn’t have a problem in school. Straight A student, but suffered mentally.



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