Sorry for the absence, been having a pity party.

I have been extremely agitated and anxious. I was close to hysterical.

Now if things continue to go right I have an appointment tomorrow with my old nurse prescriber in her office. My therapy office called today and told me that I can try her because someone from the office already went there. So I got the info. Texted her and she said I can come there. She doesn’t take insurance (never did) and so that won’t be a problem. It will cost a little more, but that is fine. I can’t go through this again and the way things are going they may not get a nurse that can write for them and so I will stay with her.

I have to see the intern under her since she is booked solid for months. I don’t care, she is the boss there. I just want my medications.

My PCP office is a pain in the ass. The woman who was supposed to call about getting me an emergency appointment was not given the correct information and the only psychiatrist she could find is over 35 minutes or so away. One she called didn’t take my insurance and she called a psychologist first. Brilliant. My daughter, K2, is ready to kick ass.



11 thoughts on “Sorry for the absence, been having a pity party.

    1. Tessa Post author

      Thank you. Definitely light at the end of the tunnel. My records made it over there in time and things went well and I have my meds. I have been praying and it seems to be helping.

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