Thursday Therapy – a little late

girl, couch, computer

I was busy trying to learn how to read WP on the reader. Doing better now. Plus still learning Windows 10. I still also have stuff to load on here.

I also had to write a blog post for IBPF. I hope she likes this one.

Therapy went well. I gave her my journal and it seems to help. She will read it and we will discuss it next session. This way she will have questions to discuss. We also discussed something that really bothered me.



8 thoughts on “Thursday Therapy – a little late

      1. Inchcock

        It was meant for you gal, but I’ll send another too. I often get names wrong on the web and when I’m speaking to folk – or forget them, that’s embarrassing too! Hhehe! Take care gal, TTFN. X

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  1. jncthedc

    Nice to hear the session went well. (Another thing you can add to your positive thought list). You have my word I will continue to (not so gently) discuss options to choose from so you can help me help you improve your quality of life. Mental health issues impede; they do not prevent happiness. Keep smiling my friend.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I need to get caught up on so many things. You are right that is a positive thought. I have a new therapist and love her. She is what I thought therapy should be. My first therapist (at this establishment, not my first ever therapist) is her boss and owner who is out on medical leave and I have her right now. I think I will request to keep her. She is helping me.

      I appreciate your word that you will continue to (not so gently) discuss options to choose from to improve my quality of life. I need tough love as they say. Sad thing is a I really do need tough love. All my doctors tell me what they want, but I have no pushing in that direction.

      I am actually working on my mental issues at this time. I care right now course the meds help. I am glad that you are my friend. You are a great motivator, but I am a tough sell. Have a great weekend.

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