bpHope.com and a submission

I applied and sent my online resume of articles and they have invited me to submit.

It doesn’t mean they will accept me as a writer, but it is like an interview I guess you would say. I wrote it early this morning and sent it out.

I have 2 blog posts to write for IBPF and there is my book for NANOWRIMO, plus keeping up 2 blogs. I write and sleep, write and sleep. LOL!



5 thoughts on “bpHope.com and a submission

  1. Bipolarbrainiac

    I am a little envious. I think that when you buckle down and write directly, you have tons of ability to cut to chase yet full of sensory illusion. When you get to the big BipolarHope in the sky, I hope you still look down to us ‘little people,’ and say ‘Hi!”

    I keep having these story ideas. And as I exercise or drive around town it hits me. These are the gems, the fossils that Stephen King writes about writers unearthing. Diamonds, actually.

    I realize that rather than give all of them away to blogs, they should be saved and integrated as passages of psychiatric extremes, types of racing or sludged thought in my novels to show rather than tell that I am either manic, depressed or in a mixed. Love getting your blogs about getting your voice heard. You’ve come so far since I’ve known you I’m so proud of you, Tessa!

    Today I spent nearly the entire day on medical. It made me feel worthless. A third of my income goes out the door on medical. Swimming in a sea of side effects. I need a back brace so I can exercise without aggravating the chronic back pain. I know that you can relate to that.

    I think BPhope will pick you up. The dog story is the type of story perfect for them. Positive, supportive, bonding, love, animals as family etc.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Bphope does not accept anything posted on other blogs including your personal blog. Thanks for the kind words.Feel better. A novel might be a better idea.



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