No can see, damn eyes…

I have mentioned that I have corneal erosion. It acts up at times and is fairly minor or like today where I went to turn off my alarm for getting ready for my appointment and they wouldn’t open. I was feeling the phone for the alarm and then the BiPap machine to turn that off and then trying to open at least one eye so I could cancel my appointment. I couldn’t open them to see, definitely can’t drive. Canceled the apt and then turned off all light and closed my eyes and kept them there. I spent all day and night and to just a few hours ago with my eyes closed.

I had few things I had to do on here and it is still hurting, but open at the moment. Going to lie down and close them again when I am done this post.  I have email to answer, but it will have to wait until I can see without burning, watery eyes.



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