This is my bipolar on life

psyche-518161_1280 (2)

Some days this is how I feel.


3 thoughts on “This is my bipolar on life

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    This applies to me, as well. Shocking, I know, Morgue with rainbow colored thoughts? I think it’s a statement on how overwhelmed my bipolar brain is by the outside stimuli. A simple rainbow becomes a technicolor blinding LED light show. It’s just too much noise to sort through and form some semblance of logic.
    Life is the hallucinogenic and it uses my brain.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Quiet little me feels like this at times. I saw that picture and to me it says Bipolar. If IBPF posts my blog on BP and dissociation, that is the picture I put on it. It says so much to me about the subject.

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  2. jncthedc

    The interesting thing is that bipolar gives you an OPPORTUNITY to see life from a vantage point the average person is incapable of seeing. The difficulty comes in learning how to use this insight for the benefit and growth of oneself rather than viewing it as a destructive force controlling an existence. I believe you are on a path of self improvement and will continue to experience more positive days than negative days.

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