The Hoarder, that’s me!

junk-420827_1280Now I can’t say I am not ashamed of my hoarding. I think I am running a contest with myself to see whether me, myself or I is messier. I am also trying to fill the room up to overflowing. I can barely walk in here now.

The only time I try to work on this is if I am manic. Otherwise I don’t care. When manic I can’t stop and just keep going. Thanks to my anti-psychotic (mood stabilizer) and anti-depressant and a large dose of sedatives, I do not care. Really I don’t.

I have dissociated from the surroundings. I am in my private world, now turn try to touch my stuff with the thought of tossing it out. That is a no-no.

This isn’t my picture. I don’t want to post actual pics of my room. (and that doesn’t include all the stuff in the second room and the closet in the hallway.) Bathroom isn’t too bad. It is very small and 2 of us use it. Creative storage in there.

Tessa – the not so proud hoarder


5 thoughts on “The Hoarder, that’s me!

  1. SassaFrassTheFeisty

    I wonder if at your next med check you can address the disassociation and the hoarding? The meds are keeping you in line, but youve lost feeling/connecting, so maybe its heightening the hoarding? *this coming from a meds havent kicked in standpoint so Sass has some clarity* šŸ˜‰ Love you lots Lady! ā¤

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    1. Tessa Post author

      Love you too, Sass. I know hoarding is linked to OCD as well. But the bipolar depression, dead feeling complete the scenario. I didn’t know what dissociation was until I just wrote an article on it. I have had that all my life from a small child along with the BP.

      I can ask, but he and I are knew to each other. I followed the nurse, but she is so in demand I have to see him the intern. Though a possible med change is not sounding like a happy thought since I respond so well to meds LOL! Thanks for the suggestion ā¤

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      1. SassaFrassTheFeisty

        Well piddle! Oh my im sure the disassociation throws a serious chink in your chain. Hopefully you dont need a med change. I hear there are some really good meds to help with the OCD-even if it takes it down to a dull roar, id say thats a success!

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  2. morgueticiaatoms

    I figure until it’s sad bad you think their could be animal or people corpses, hoard away. I find it a comfort thing, like some sort of buffer between me and the world. I’m not the hoarder I used to be, I keep clear paths and all for the spawn, but that mountain of pegacorn only knows what in my kitchen corner…Meh. Only relevant when manic. I’m with ya, lady.

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