The Book is Driving me Crazy

I know people have different ways of handling their writing. A lot of people use an outline. I can’t seem to manage the time it takes to write one and of course changes crop up anyhow, but I am having trouble keeping the story flowing. I am getting confused what I wrote already and didn’t and where I am going. I have tons of ideas running through my head, but they aren’t orderly. Plus a new thing pops in my head and then I have to go back and redo an area to fit it in.

You can tell I never wrote a book before. Short stories are my thing. I think though that this has enough substance to be a book if I can keep things flowing. I was just flowing along when something new popped into my head. This will lead things another way now.

Oh well the best way to learn is to do it I guess. Though I might have to stop and try to make an outline. I never made one except what we did in school. I don’t know if a book outline is the same as what we learned or not. Maybe I can Google it.

I am ready for bed which means moving the cat. She is on my pillow. I am allergic to the little pest and she is leaving her fur all over my pillow.



10 thoughts on “The Book is Driving me Crazy

  1. jncthedc

    Sometimes the hardest thing to do is place the computer in hibernation mode and walk away to give your brain a chance to rest and recover. Often, when we return, the flow of ideas becomes easier. Sometimes we can sit for an hour, two hours or sometimes only 15 minutes. Listen to yourself and see when the time is right to walk away and recover. You will always achieve the best outcome working with your body and your mind and giving them what they need.

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I went to bed not long after the post. You are definitely write. I was driving myself crazy again. I might think twice about trying another book. 🙂



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