What did WordPress do now????


They have really messed it up now. I don’t like the new set up and they ruined the old one. I was struggling just trying to figure things out and how to post things. I wish to God, they would leave things well enough alone. This is the last thing I wanted to deal with tonight.



9 thoughts on “What did WordPress do now????

  1. Bipolarbrainiac

    MSN changes things too, with no prior notice, you find out when you open your home page that it’s a new format or that they are acting like your default page is now a Yahoo search bar. Drives me crazy when things keep changing like that. I think it’s profit based. Speaking of profit based, there was a terrific show about artificial intelligence replacing Humans from BBC but it was on a major network. It was called “Humans,” and was compelling and empathetic. Then, last night, on “The Good Wife,” this business of driverless cars monitored and controlled by artificial intelligence came up in a lawsuit against the owner of said car, but more interesting was the battle between the two competitive designers of the car, who took shots at each other as opposing side’s witnesses. Things keep changing in this world and its all about the money. Maybe WordPress pays people to stay up at night thinking about ways they can make us crazy or click on WordPress Tutorials or some site with advertisements. The Tail is Wagging The Dog.

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