STARTING OVER: Understanding The Role Of Emotions In Good Health

He’s got a very important point here.

All About Healthy Choices

Positive emotionsI have written many articles about health and its various components. I have read countless books, magazines, scientific research and viewed many videos. All of this information as well as my training as a physician has increased my knowledge of health and what it takes to be healthy. Although I believe knowledge is important it must also be recognized for its limitations. It is nothing more than a tool; a data base of information WITHOUT EMOTION. Why is it important to emphasize “without emotion?” It is this internal force within each of us that utilizes knowledge to motivate behavioral changes. Knowing that something is good or bad does not necessarily direct our actions. How we FEEL about something good or bad plays a much larger role in the decision making process.

Many of my articles provide “ACTION STEPS” that help people create accountability to themselves to achieve the goals they…

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2 thoughts on “STARTING OVER: Understanding The Role Of Emotions In Good Health

    1. Tessa Post author

      It actually explained something to me. Might take a while to process it, but it makes a lot of sense and I already know of the one problem causing me so many health problems and a couple of reasons causing the obesity. And I do consider myself obese. I am eligible for bariatric surgery by the standards, but my mental status would disqualify me and it would actually be dangerous for me. This is a great article and speaks in words that I “hear”. So did the other one although besides a high blood sugar I am not too bad off with my diabetes and part of the high numbers are the steroid shots I get at least every 3 months. I had 3 this month and one was a full steroid shot, not a mixture with Lidocaine. He told me it would be a small pinch. it was such a hard pinch I almost kicked him I the balls. I hate to be told that when for me anyhow, it is not a small pinch and I am not good with anesthesia. It doesn’t take effect. I am most unusual than other patients. Any way you are quite welcome for reposting it for you.



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