Depression lessening, injection still hurts, dinner was great!

I am hoping that the depression lessening is because the extra anti-depressant, but I still have mood swings to deal with and that will possibly need changing too.

My foot is still in pain from the steroid injection last night, plus the plantar fasciitis itself still hurts this time. I more injection and if that doesn’t work I will need foot surgery which people tell me is not a good thing.

My feet have hurt most of my life due to one thing or the other. They are supposed to have ordered the special shoes for diabetes. That was a screwed up mess. Thing we have it together now.

Thanksgiving dinner is delicious as always. My sister cooks. We had a baby this year. Will be little ones from now on I am guessing.



4 thoughts on “Depression lessening, injection still hurts, dinner was great!

  1. Bipolarbrainiac

    Dear Tessa,
    how odd this is! I have had four foot surgeries. The problem is my structure, the foot pronates, like a duck waddling on the inside of the arch. Add in all the volleyball and running, and my foot curved out in a massive hammertoe formation by the time I was 26. They had to do both feet at once, taking a bit of bone out so they could straighten it. It never occurred to them to preventatively think about putting me into corrective orthodics. Ten years later, it happened again but was way worse. The straightening this time involved removing my entire interphalangeal (IP) big toe joint, two feet at the same time. As we discussed yesterday, the doctor did not even bother to read the list of medications I was on, and when the foot didn’t heal, he just prescribed massive amounts of narcotics, which I began mixing with alcohol. Then he put bone stimulators on them, big heavy blocks on top of the moon boots. I was in moon boots for three years. after frustrated with regular ortho people, I began writing to university doctors. Bingo. One at the University of Arizona offered a second opinion and right away saw why my feet hadn’t healed. Once off the methotrexate, they healed suddenly and with knots in two months. I realized I could sue the doctor. I had gone to his office to get a copy of my original intake sheet and there it was, double size writing and underlined first entry METHOTREXATE. I was told I had a million dollar case. A lawyer would take on contingency. I wanted to move forward with my life and my father had just taken his golf club company public and to avoid taxes, he’d set us up with stock and so forth. And I was working full time. I didn’t want to go backwards. But I saw the doctor and threatened him. The feet required two more surgeries for similar little toe curling, springing up and hurting. This also involved removing the joints of the little toes in a fusion to straighten them out and stop the pain. Now I have intense back pain. What a life. I get it. And I am beginning to get depressed too and have upped my intake of Miracle antidepressant Brintellix. Brintellix is unclassified because they don’t know how it works exactly. But when I first tried it, it worked in mere days. I take two a week.
    Isn’t it weird we have the foot thing in common?

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