Weekend Coffee Share, but we will have to share tea, no coffee in my place

weekend coffee shareWell as I said there is no coffee so we must share tea and if we were I would tell you that I am very confused and having 2 blogs is rough. I try to keep all non-fiction type writing on Tessa Can Do It and mostly fiction on the Finally a Writer blog, however I think I mess it up weekly, but the craziest of all is that I can’t find the picture or the tags on either. That would have given me a hint. My cognitive failure is getting worse, between my disorders and the medications I take and no decent sleep it is a wonder my brain functions at all.

So forgive me if you never saw this on this blog, but it is non-fiction and does belong on here. I downloaded the picture again. I will retag it again.

If were we having tea I would tell you how my depression had been getting much worse and the holidays coming up aren’t helping. I finally contacted my medication monitor (APN Nurse) and she upped my Cymbalta, but not the mood stabilizer. So far, so good, and I am not as depressed and no mania in sight yet, a possible consequence of having too much anti-depressant and not enough mood stabilizer. My moods swing a little, but I am more stable than I was. I swing from stable to depressed only right now.

If we were having tea I would tell you that I went to the Podiatrist for my plantar fasciitis and he gave me another steroid shot, but it isn’t working this time. The injection site still hurts and no relief like last time. I can have one more shot and if this doesn’t go away they start talking surgery. Foot surgery is not on my list of things I want to do or experience.

If we were having tea I would tell you that the Thanksgiving dinner I dreaded was not as bad as I feared, plus I wasn’t as depressed and that helped. Plus I went with my dad so no showing up by myself which is a big one even though my sister is the host. I suffer from mild agoraphobia and lots of people scare me.

If we were having tea I would tell you that I am now kind of tired of turkey leftovers. Still have all the desert leftovers my sister sent us home with too. My dinner was a turkey leg and a chocolate dessert and a strawberry shortcake slice.

If we were having tea I would tell you that though it feels like it was forever ago, and not this morning, that I had my normal Saturday morning brunch with my best friend and forgot the leftovers in fridge and brought home an extra breakfast like I usually do for dinner that night. The breakfast is half off and so I get 2 for the price of one.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share, but we will have to share tea, no coffee in my place

  1. jacquelineobyikocha

    If we were having tea, I would commend you for your positive outlook, your can do it attitude and the way you still get it done despite all the challenges. If we were having tea, I would encourage you to continue living by grace as you have. Great tea chat šŸ™‚

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  2. Tena Carr

    Tea sounds fine to me. In fact we’re going to be having some here with Pumpkin Pie after, dare I mention, Thankgiving leftovers in the form of a Shepherd’s pie type thing.

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  3. roweeee

    Thanks for he Thanksgiving leftovers Tessa, which I snuck from your fridge while you were drinking tea. I hope you can find a good balance with your meds and feel better. Thinking about your foot, do you wear a boot? It’s like a big splint bandage thing and I’m sure my aunt used one when she had it and it helped. i had one when I broke my foot and it was fabulous.
    It’s really hot over here and we’re so busy as we approach the end of the year and what with the four of us, we’re headed all directions and I need to watch my energy levels.
    Take care!
    xx Rowena



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