Making Light of Bipolar Disorder: An Ignorant Rant By an Influential Man

I feel sorry for him. I tried last night to through to him. Didn’t work!

The Bipolar Compass

People of WordPress. Please. I’m on my knees begging you to listen to what I have to say. I desperately need your help. Don’t dismiss this post as wanting attention. I could care less about my views and my likes. This is something that is so much more than me and hits at the core of my entire blog. The purpose of my entire writing!

I know by posting this my reputation and entire blog is on the line. I know that I’m up against a giant with a massive army ready to stand with him and I’m scared to death that I’ll lose. I’m scared of the kind of backlash I’ll get and how triggering it could be. But I’m determined to not go down without a fight.

Earlier this evening, I was browsing around the Reader and came across a heart-breaking post from one of my favorite followers Jason Cushman…

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6 thoughts on “Making Light of Bipolar Disorder: An Ignorant Rant By an Influential Man

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    Some people you cannot reach. As proven by my own family who still reject the notion there is anything wrong with me other than a bad personality. These are the same people who consider reading a book some sort of punishment so I don’t put much stock in their opinion or that of others who don’t walk this path.
    We know.
    Ultimately, that’s what matters. And what separates us from the sheeple is the fact we recognize something is off kilter in our behavior and thought processes so we try to seek professional help to help ourselves, as well as those around us.
    That takes immense courage and those not willing to cede to that…are not our problem.



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