#WeekendCoffeeShare: Wild Woman

weekend coffee shareWeekend Coffee Share

Today or tonight is actually Sunday. I have been sort of absent from some of my normal things.

I have nothing in this place to offer you to eat or drink. The refrigerator is empty like always anymore. Oh wait I do have some filtered tap water LOL!

If we were to meet right now I would tell you that you should be home in bed since it is midnight here. I am up, but I am always up. Most of my sleeping, if at all, is during the day.

If we were to meet right now I would tell you that I have had a terrible week. I was seriously depressed last week so my nurse upped my anti-depressant and now I am manic -wild woman, just ask those that know me well. Medication discussion happens on Tuesday. Can’t stay like this. I was stable for 8 months and now I have to worry about changing meds again. Not good.

The highlight of the week was my Saturday brunch with my best friend and getting my new diabetic shoes. It is nice to put my foot in a shoe that does pinch and give me blisters galore.

Everyone have a good week and get some sleep. I am going to try soon even though I just recently climbed out. If not I will read my book or the Lord. An old book with an interesting philosophy.



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