Yesterday Therapy

I went in all grumpy, agitated, aggravated, and just plain irritated. We talked about the “friend” who is no longer a friend and actually had a laugh over it. I am positive he lied to me about the break up and his life is becoming immortalized in an x-rated blog. No real names, I am not that mean. And no real pictures, I am not that mean to either of us. I found a blond girl, probably more than one blond, but it fits together and if they look alike they could be used as a hair dyed female.

I came out in a better mood. Finally got all my  psychiatric meds. Insurance was giving me trouble. I almost ran out while they played it’s too soon. But this is increased doses I need now and they never stopped it before for a dose change. What a pain.

Well Orbb I think you did it. My emails are back. They just started at 3:00 AM Eastern Time. Now I will be flooded, not used to getting  email. LOL!

Yahoo mail has changed and I think I got gmail to send my posts and then delete so I don’t have multi-thousands to delete out of both emails. Yahoo deleted the mail I was keeping.

Yahoo, Gmail and WordPress all changed things lately and it is complicated to keep up with them.

Time to head back to bed.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday Therapy

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    Woo hoo, you got your WP stuff sorted finally! Glad to hear it, I know it was stressing you out. Just a bit of unsolicited advice- if you have stuff coming into gmail, you can create the folder filters to prioritize what you want to read first, second, etc. It helps keep the box from overflowing with likes to the point you lose track of comments, and also keeps you sorted on new posts coming in. Just a thought.

    And do tell me about this naughty blog when you get things sorted. I love me some erotica. Revenge erotica against a potential liar is even better. 😉


    1. Tessa Post author

      I am a bad girl and I am should be ashamed but it is behavior I had no control over. I doubt he will ever see it. He is not into blogs and I am not telling him, I don’t think so anyhow since I am not supposed to contact him. I know his story is bogus and wifey didn’t find out. He wouldn’t have taken time to email me and tell me about it. He was looking for a way out and I gave him a birthday card. How convenient. Happy fucking birthday!

      Now I have to get reused to emails again. but it did take away what was already there for some reason.

      Hmmm filters are a good idea. My have to do that. Thanks!



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