Life intercedes as usual…don’t forget to check for the new posts.

First off, I am tired of doctor appointments. I have 3-5 a week sometimes. It also takes away from my writing time. I have articles to write. I have a book I started, now maybe two. I have prompts I like to do with stories and poetry. I use pictures a lot more. I am going through old posts and re-updating them and fixing them and then reposting them as new so you may have seen them before if you have been following me long and that is both blogs. Don’t worry it is every now and then that I do that so you won’t be bombarded by stuff you have seen. I also have my 3rd blog to work on. And while cleaning up the posts I have to get rid of broken links. Unfortunately a lot of pages I used to write for are no longer around.

 I got my emails back for  blog notifications and I have to sort through them. I follow 800 blogs so if I don’t get to yours for a few days you know why. Plus I have to sort for my regular email.

Not that I have anything else to do. I will be buried in junk soon. Including paper. My file cabinets plural are jammed full. My pocketbook is full of receipts some I need for my medical file. I am such a slob.

I am manic still. My son is not finding me amusing at the moment. I could be depressed instead. I just got a new medicine (Gabapentin/Neurontin) to add to my repertoire.  Now will it help or hurt? Maybe I should run a poll on the answer LOL!

Don’t know if I mentioned it, but I told my dad about applying for public housing and of course all he could say is how are you going to pay the rent. I don’t know right this minute. I wanted to make sure he is alright if my name comes up before he has passed on. He will be alone unless my son stays, but they don’t get on well, 2 alpha males. I can’t worry about it now. Only have to worry if he passes before I move up the list and if the spot opens and he is still alive. I will have to take it whenever it comes up because it will be many years most likely before I hit a spot. My son was living in a motel before my dad asked him to come here. Hell I could go first. Depends on God which one of us goes and when.

Ok time to quit wasting my time writing this post and get back to work on something.



6 thoughts on “Life intercedes as usual…don’t forget to check for the new posts.

    1. Tessa Post author

      I have to wait and see when my name comes up on the list. If it is years from now then I might not want to not miss taking it. It is a game of ifs.


  1. Susan

    Itis so tough dealing with housing and money issues. I am lucky and stay with my daughter and family but there us always the chance something could happen. Good Luck. I’ll be praying for you.Also thank you for following my blog, Susan;s Devotional Journal. 🙂

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    1. Tessa Post author

      You’re welcome for the follow. There is always the chance that something could happen. I am trying to plan for the future with no variables to fill in. All I know is that when my dad passes the house goes to the reverse mortgage company and my son and I are on the street. Now I would hope my 2 daughters would squeeze us in on the couch for a little bit while we work on housing if it gets to that point. I can’t imagine them letting me live on the street or in my car actually.

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