MILK, Does A Body Good (Or Does It?)

I have hated milk ever since I was a baby. Maybe I knew something others didn’t. Interesting article about milk.

All About Healthy Choices


When I was growing up, milk was a staple in my daily food supply. I would generally have a glass of milk at least three times a day. I was required to drink this because it was “good for me” and helped my bones and body grow and strengthen. Milk was considered an excellent source of protein and calcium. (It also went very nicely with cookies and cake!!)

Fifty six years later, I continue to hear this same mantra. Is it true, or has it been so indoctrinated into our thinking that its efficacy is assumed to be valid? Do the health benefits of cow’s milk outweigh the potential health risks?


What is the function of milk? Humans and animals create this as a source of nutrition for newborns. The molecular structure of milk is specifically designed for each species including humans. As the…

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5 thoughts on “MILK, Does A Body Good (Or Does It?)

    1. Tessa Post author

      I wish everyone would realize I did not write this article. It is reblogged. I still hate milk and you can love it all you want. I don’t mind. I just happed to hate it and I have been hearing more and more about how bad it is. Goes for the meat of the cows as well.

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