The Rage Within – a poem

This is non-fiction and written after my hospital stay! —- Tessa

The Rage Within

Deep in her dark, torturous

mind she would dwell.

No one really knew

her own personal hell.

To the world she presented

a woman who was care-free.

No one really knew her,

not even her own family.

One day she lashed out at all,

shocking everyone she knew.

She held it in as long as she

could, but finally it all blew.

Friends and family, very concerned,

stepped in to help her out.

She no longer was in control,

she knew without a doubt.



8 thoughts on “The Rage Within – a poem

  1. SonniQ

    Sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn’t. I, too love to write poetry and also lyrics, if it is for music. I posted one today on one of my blogs. Sometimes I write prose to be read over music and not sung. But it is good to find a way to be creative, even if it is knitting a sweater or growing a plant, to see a beginning and and end



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