Giving Meaning To The Phrase “GOOD HEALTH”

This so true. And it makes sense even to me the currently unhealthy one. Give it a read.

All About Healthy Choices


We hear the phrase, “Good Health” all the time. The medical doctor gives you good news by saying you’re in “Good Health.” The chiropractor gives you good news by saying you’re in “Good Health.” Heading into the New Year we wish each other continued “Good Health.”

The problem is:



  1. If a person’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal because they are on two different blood pressure medications as well as one cholesterol lowering medication, do we define this as “Good Health?”

  2. If a person has good blood pressure and good cholesterol levels but is classified as obese, do we define this as “Good Health?”

  3. If a person takes various diabetes medications and maintains adequate sugar levels, but requires these medications as a result of an ongoing lifestyle that has contributed to the development of this disease, do we define this as…

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1 thought on “Giving Meaning To The Phrase “GOOD HEALTH”

  1. Bipolarbrainiac

    I think it’s time for a guided meditation. Unfortunately someone is working in my house. Above my roof, someone was doing really loud drilling construction as well, so I feel spiritually bankrupt today. I’ve done the radical diet and exercise lifestyle changes for weight loss (used to weight 80 more than now), but that’s not a complete picture of what a body, mind and soul need for good health. Also I know my diet is not quite ‘right’ because I’m perpetually hungry, faint and angry in a weird way. And no, I’m not gaining, I’m losing. I can’t quite get it ‘right.’ Time for another blood panel and saliva hormone test, I guess.

    The holidays make me so sad. Even though someone picked up a story about someone who meant a lot to me, I can’t even register the happiness. What is wrong with me? Please, tell me, what is wrong? Weight loss alone does not a happy person make. I’m living proof of that and I’ve felt this way countless times when I’ve been in physical ‘good health.’



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