Good Morning fellow bloggers and readers…

I wanted to thank each and everyone of you who follows and/or reads my blogs. Yes that is 2 blogs. I appreciate it immensely. I just wanted to say that you guys have made my blogs well-read and I follow everyone back who follows me so I have a large following now and it has come to my attention that I can’t read everything you write. So if you write 5 things a day I might only read one in order to spread my love around. However, I do not put likes on blogs I haven’t read. So if you don’t get a like, it means that I either didn’t have time to read everything or I commented only.

I don’t want to miss any of your blogs posts if I can help it. So I will be doing my best to read in-between writing my own posts and I do write several a day and follow certain prompts. Plus I just started writing articles for

I am awake now so going to work on some of my blogging writing and reading. Hope everyone has a great day.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning fellow bloggers and readers…

  1. SonniQ

    I’m like you, I don’t just “like” things and I know for sure a couple people on my blog who do that. It’s pointless. If they do that right after i post it I end up with likes, but no stats that show the post was even pulled up. But you are also right. It is hard to get to every blog I like with all the writing I do, but I do try to get to at least a few.



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