Welcome to Manicville!

Although I have not passed into pure wickedness. I am trying to keep myself somewhat under control. I gave my son a short lecture on religion. He looked at me. I said, “Alright, alright I am manic again, relax I will shut up. I noticed, he says.”

My new medicine for the fibromyalgia (Gabapentin) is actually working. I think my pain is back down to a 5. I have muscle spasms in my back, but not the fibro trigger point pain. Tension and stress will fire it up, but it is shorter lasting.

My cat is eating, maybe I can stop talking to her or singing to her. I think she thinks I am insane as well. I yell at her to go lie down and most of the time she looks at me and goes. The little missy and I are going to have an understanding and she is going to quit wasting so much food.

8:30 and took my psych pills and ready for sleep. I look at my emails and there are a thousand of them. The bad point of getting the emails.

If I go to bed now I will most likely be up in the middle of the night again. I really need to quit fooling around and start back to writing articles. I need to have a few ahead in case one or two God-forbid, get turned down.

So far no viruses. That is a good thing because it is giving me enough trouble as it is.

I am tired of talking about death. My dad wants to make sure everything goes alright. He paid for his cremation and planned the memorial service with songs and readings and the man he wants to read them if he is still there. It is so expensive and he didn’t have to buy a casket. They reuse a nice one for the service and the transfer them to a box with a drop away bottom and this is really morbid. Stop the death talk Teresa, it is too morbid a subject.




4 thoughts on “Welcome to Manicville!

  1. SonniQ

    HI there – I’ve taken gabapentin off and on for years. yes it does help. I take it for nerve pain in my legs, but if I haven’t taken it for awhile it takes a couple weeks to get used to it. I tend to walk into walls. It makes me unbalanced. Also -and the doc doesn’t tell you this – long term use will ruin your teeth. I can’t afford to loose any more. Who do you write for that would turn down what you write? and lastly, when I die they can cremate me and throw me in the ocean because I don’t want any money wasted. When I’m dead I’m dead. I don’t care. I won’t even know!


  2. donnainthesouth

    you’ll be glad your dad did all that, though, when the time comes; was so glad mine did and made mom too even if she didn’t like talking about it either but one thing, dad’s preacher had left and we had to bring him back from halfway across the state and the song leader he wanted to sing; he sang solos as well; wasn’t leading singing anymore and not too sure how much he was singing solos either and he was working a regular job now plus said he had a sore throat and didn’t know the song that – well, this was grandson’s doing – wanted sung – I think he really ended up just not wanting to do it for dad but really I was kinda glad, the new guy had taken a real interest in dad and gladly did it, so glad for it and him


  3. paws2smile

    Glad the Gabapentin is working for you! I take it for my Fibro & migraines. I think I am taking 900 mg a day? I can tell when my body is getting use to the dosage. Then I start upping the amount, which annoys me. I hate having to be so dependent on these meds…



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