FYI – My Mission Statement – should be lying down, but the mania won’t let me sleep or lie still.

Like my friend OM, I get his feelings now on being able to write what he wants on his blog. He’s right and I feel the same way now. I appreciate your feelings.

Ok I started this blog to be a journal, but a complete journal it isn’t. It is everything I am interested in. I will reblog my followers if I feel they have something worthy to say to help others. I put things in as I remember them. No order, no rhyme nor reason at times. Real daily journals can be boring at times.

I will write about my sordid life due to bipolar disorder. It consumes me at times. It also helps others to know they aren’t the only ones who feel like they do. I swore I would write the truth about my life, any part of it, if it will help someone. And sometimes it is just a release for me. And sometimes people will ask about something in  my life. So far you guys know most of my life in bits and pieces. If it offends thee I am sorry.  These stories actually end up in blog posts for the blogs I write for. Bipolar is not a nice disease. Probably the worst of all of them I deal with.

I will also write about my return to God after 40 years. Someone pointed out the resemblance to the 40 years spent in the dessert for displeasing God. I will do my best writing the daily devotionals.

There are some non-fictional stories on here. These truly happened and some are quite funny. I write about my family occasionally and don’t use their names and until the other day I didn’t use the grown kids pictures at all and occasionally would use a grandbaby as a baby. My kids don’t want to be in here. Sorry, my blog, my kids, my choice. They don’t read it or all hell would break loose. I write it as I see it. Their harassing me doesn’t help anybody. I hate people telling me what to do, especially my children. I had to take that from my ex-husband and parents. I am a grown up now who happens to have mental and physical disabilities.

My 1st therapist told me I would NEVER be able to survive on my own. He was shocked when he saw me after the divorce and I was even without medication. That marriage was a mental aberration. I got a lot better after I saw the end of it and him.


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