Tessa’s Know Me Challenge – January 1, 2016


List 10 Things That Make You Really Happy!

  1. My relationship with God is new

  2. My 3 children are loved and oldest 2 born in NC and last one in NJ

  3. My 4 grandchildren are loved and born in NJ

  4. My writing is my enjoyment

  5. My 2 blogs are growing

  6. My articles that were published were highly praised

  7. My creativity is off the hook

  8. My new therapist is a girl and has a great routine

  9. I also write a daily journal every day for my therapist, more intense than what is on here

  10. My bipolar is not stable and I ended up in the psychiatric ER, although they did nothing to stop my out-of-control mania


3 thoughts on “Tessa’s Know Me Challenge – January 1, 2016

  1. luckyotter

    1. My newfound relationship with God
    2. My church
    3. My wonderful therapist.
    4. My incredible son and daughter
    5. My 2 cats
    6. my small but cozy home
    7. my 2 blogs, one which has grown enough i make a little money from it (about $40 a month from ads)
    8. my ability to write what I feel and write it well (most of the time)
    9. music — almost all kinds
    10. my insight into myself (even my therapist is impressed)
    Hey, I’m doing a blog post and listing this! Hope that’s ok. I’ll credit you.


    1. Tessa Post author

      Good job with making money on your blog. Keep it up. Susan invited everyone. it goes for a month. I have a few done a head of time. In fact 2 probably will post soon. I have several daily posts now along with everything else I write. I don’t write enough LOL!. Happy New Year to you!

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