Daily Devotion – January 02, 2016 by Teresa Smeigh

Trusting God on a Day by Day Basis by Teresa Smeigh

Genesis – the book of beginnings

We often hear the book of Genesis described as a book of beginnings, but it is also a book of opportunities. From start to finish, we read stories of people who were presented with different chances.

First, we see Eve with the chance to choose between good and evil, between God’s instructions and the serpent’s deception. We see Noah with the chance to demonstrate his faith when everyone around him thought he was crazy. We see Abraham with the chance to believe God’s promise when it was naturally impossible and then to obey God when obedience required the willingness to sacrifice the promised son for whom he had waited so long. We see Jacob with an opportunity to deceive, which resulted in all kinds of trouble and later with an opportunity to surrender completely to God, which resulted in great blessing. We see Joseph with chances to forgive and trust God.


One thought on “Daily Devotion – January 02, 2016 by Teresa Smeigh

  1. Bipolarbrainiac

    And then there was this Christian man, Charles Darwin, whose theories, as he put it, “Killed God,” and he could not bear to do that by writing and publishing his book. It sickened him from the inside and affected his bodily health. He nearly died before his peers forced the book out of him but it broke his heart and alienated the local pastor; frightening his loving wife. It was a great movie, called “Creation” about this man’s conflict and belief and obedience to his god.

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