Daily Hoard Control – Trash it or Donate it – January 02, 2016

Ok this is where I hope to keep account of what is going out or at least moving to a place that is better suited for it.

Today I started the desk:

I took my BiPap Machine box, and put everything in the box I have for all the supplies, filed the paperwork, recycled the box.

I put the box of shoes with the rest of the shoes.

I filed my hospital paperwork with the receipts and stuff.

Tessa – not as much today.


10 thoughts on “Daily Hoard Control – Trash it or Donate it – January 02, 2016

  1. gentlekindness

    This is a good step. I hate organizing but when I need to find something and can’t, because it is lost in the mess, then it is very stressful. Keeping up with organizing important paperwork and photos is helpful for reducing anxiety. Good job. You go girl!

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      1. gentlekindness

        I understand and empathize. It is easy to get caught up in the blog and put off less fun activities. Especially when you are alone and there is no adult to talk to while you are working on chores. It is lonely and blogging is more fun. That is what happens to me.



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