Manic/Depressive – Haiku

As I have mentioned elsewhere I am a writer – stories, poems and non-fiction. I have another blog for them and a lot of them did deal with my mental health and so I am going to work on bringing some of them over here. Here are 2 Haiku’s that express the mania and the depressive side.

First up is the depressive side and it refers to my suicide attempt. Luckily I was unsuccessful and hospitalized.

Absence of color

No one listens anyhow.

Death. Is. Forever!

Now for the manic side:

A field of flowers

Colors everywhere you look

Open your eyes, see.


2 thoughts on “Manic/Depressive – Haiku

  1. Tessa Post author

    Thank you Jonathan. I never used to be a poetry person, but somewhere along the way I picked it up and will write poetry where I can. I just found this one, while trying to clean up my blog some. I have a lot of dead links on the other one. Need to attack it as well.

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