Bad Pain Day 8/10

I went shopping yesterday (got veggies and fruit) and set off a major Fibromyalgia flare. My pain that has been at 5/10 for a couple of weeks just flared to about 8/10, mostly back pain. It is not as high as 10/10 which it had been before starting the gabapentin and cutting back on the Cymbalta.

My bipolar is still doing well. I am stable. Doing a good job myself. Tomorrow is my appointment with the med intern/nurse. Can’t wait to see what we decide. At least I get a say in my treatment.

I am being guided on my 3rd site, the religious one and they don’t like a lot of what I put on there. They want it completely religious and waiting to hear the next demand. The front poem is not coming down. That was part of my mom’s memorial service and this site is in her memory. If God doesn’t like it he knows where I live he can come here in person and with his voice so I don’t have to guess, tell me his feelings. We can have a conversation. I don’t mean that as blasphemy, I am serious. My dad and I like it.

Veggies and fruit in the house. Amazing. Regular food to cook dinner too. I hate shopping almost as much as cooking. Now we spend a night and cook several meals so we don’t have to cook every day.

Dad is doing well at his 83 going on 84 years old. Mainly confusion and arthritis.

Children doing well. All 3 actually went to see their dad the week or two after Christmas. Proud of them all.

Our temperatures here in NJ went from 64 yesterday to 30 some this morning. No high temp this afternoon or the rest of the week. I can live with cold, I can’t stand snow. None yet thankfully.



7 thoughts on “Bad Pain Day 8/10

  1. kate1975

    Hi Tessa,

    I’m confused. Who is guiding you? I am Christian and I only have one blog. Of course you can have as many blogs as you want. I don’t know why someone thought your religion needed to be separate from advocacy. I don’t understand why someone thinks they should tell you your other blog needs to be different than you have made it.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.



    1. Tessa Post author

      I am trying to make my advocacy and mental health blog more business like and separate from other topics. I got my other blog straightened out now. She apologized. thanks for your support.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jannatwrites

    Veggies are good (and good for us, too!) I’m not sure who isn’t liking your new blog, but it’s impossible to please everyone, so I think you’re good to stick with doing what you think will please God 🙂


    1. Tessa Post author

      The separate blog will help for those that do not like religion in a blog and I do have them. It is straightened out now and I have it set up like I want. There are people on here who laugh at my no veggie rule. Every now and then I eat a few and they laugh.


  3. Susan

    Your blog is your’s, not anyone else’s so let it go. These are people who are probably not happy period so they choose to pick on someone else as a diversion. I like it and you and God are the only ones that need pleasing. 🙂

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