Medication Appointment Today – A Little Hypo-manic

I had my appointment with the APN nurse (Psychopharmacologist) and her intern. She knew right away I was a little hypo manic. We discussed what happened and how I handled it. I did good. She is going to trust me to self-medicate with the provision that I let her know if I run into any problems and I am pretty good at notifying her when I can. This was unusual this time. So I have my mood stabilizer increased to 8 mg in case I need to bring down a manic episode, staying at six mg normally and leaving the Cymbalta at 60, 120 mg if depressed.

And she can write a note when I need it for the cat to be a therapy animal when the time comes. Which was a big worry.

I find myself wishing for my own apartment now. My father yelling at me for nothing because he heard wrong or I thought differently then what he said is getting on my nerves. It is not helping at all.

My email is out of control. I have at least 4000. I have to unfollow the people that are not interacting with me. I don’t have time for all those blogs if we are not interacting. Only ones staying are the ones I do like to read even if no contact with blogger. I follow everybody and their brother and sister. LOL!

I wonder if my mania shows through in my writing? Interesting thought.

Today is second day of bad Fibro pain. I think it is linked to my mania. Oh and I learned something today. I had heard it before, but dismissed it kind of. They are coming to believe that inflammation leads to depression and that Aspirin might soon be used as an anti-depressant. I take 325 mg of Aspirin every day as a blood thinner. I have for over 6 months.





13 thoughts on “Medication Appointment Today – A Little Hypo-manic

  1. morgueticiaatoms

    Just curious…When you say the Cymbalta is at 60 but up to 90 if depressed…is that on a day by day basis or does the dose raise for an entire depressive bout? My doctor says I have to remain at the exact dosage no matter what cycle or the blood levels will vary and it won’t work right.
    He’s also the idget that told me Latuda had no side effects and that’s a lie so I find myself questioning the info I am given at every turn.


    1. Tessa Post author

      Actually I am taking 60 mg of Cymbalta now and if depressed raise it to 120 til it rises again. My mood stabilizer was raised from 6 to 8 mg so if I need to bring the mania down I can add 2 mg for that. I trust her and even the intern suggested it first. She is a psychopharmacologist so I trust her even more and going to school for psychiatry right now she is a psychiatric nurse. I trust her. I have felt better since I took control of my meds. I know you probably can’t do that with yours, but she trusts me and knows I will keep her advised if a problem.


  2. dray0308

    If you want to eliminate the email issue you can click one box in your settings and they will only appear in your Reader. 4,000 is completely unmanageable. imho. Why not simply eliminate that stress creator?


    1. Tessa Post author

      Danny that is a great idea in theory, but maybe you can help me. When I used the reader before I got very few posts. and they were mostly from new people I didn’t know. I hardly ever got many for my original people that I like to read, including yours. My other issue is I like email because I could mark one if I wanted to keep it. Is there such a thing on the reader. Right now I am slowly going through them and trying to decide if I want to keep the blog or not. I know with the reader I could just slide down the posts and mark them like or not. Maybe I am just not using the reader correctly. Any help appreciated.


    2. Tessa Post author

      Took me a while to find that box in my settings and I know I have seen it before. Now I have to skim the emails for any I want or need to have.


  3. paws2smile

    I hope your living situation becomes better. I’ve lived with my parents too many times. LOL It’s very difficult to live with parents. Eventually it seems like they forget that you are an adult and should live your own life. Well, that was in my case anyway. 🙂

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