Aggravation – Manic Aggravation is worse

I want to throw this computer through the window now. The cat is safe she is actually learning to behave, but the computer is untrainable. I have to keep shutting Edge down or it doesn’t work. WordPress is also my nemesis.

I tried and tried to take the emails off. I found a section. I clicked turn emails off and I saved.ย  Twice I went through that process. I thought the 2nd time did it, but I guess there were just no emails. I got up a 6 hours later and my email is full of brand new posts. At least 400 of them.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Where is that choice located? I even rebooted before doing it again and no luck.

Enraged Tessa


25 thoughts on “Aggravation – Manic Aggravation is worse

  1. makingtimeforme

    Tessa, its OK. I have to go in to manage my reader sites every time I add a new follow. I ended up with over 100 yesterday, because I couldn’t go in an change my notification setting while I was at work. It is a lot and completely unnecessary. I hope that you get it fixed soon!

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  2. Geetha B

    Hi Tessa, You go on reader, you go on followed sites, press manage and then the list of followed sites appear. You click on the arrow to the left of the followed site it then points down showing options and then you just press the button to remove the email sending depending on what you want to remove (comments or the actual posts). Once you have chosen the option off, you should not get any emails anymore. I hope this helps.

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          1. Deb

            Hmm I wonder why. Once I turned off my email notification they stopped. I guess you may have to go to the specific account and take a look at it. I’m glad it’s better!! ๐Ÿ˜Š


  3. bringbackhisgirls

    Tessa, I’m sorry this is happening to you! Geetha B. seemed to have a good way to reduce email notifications. I pray and went online, trying to find a “How-To” to help. I found that you can go to (or if that doesn’t work, do this:
    1. Go to WordPress Reader, and at the very top, where it reads “My Site” and “Reader,” click on the circular button with your picture in it next to the bell that says “manage notifications.”
    2. When you click on the circular button with your picture in it, you are taken to, or “My Profile.”
    3. Scroll down underneath your picture to “Notifications.” On this page, click from “Notifications” to “Reader Subscriptions.”)
    Once at the URL above, in “Reader Subscriptions,” you can either “Use the Reader” to adjust delivery options for your existing subscriptions, like what Geetha B. said. Or, I’m pretty sure clicking and changing “Default Email Delivery” to weekly, or some other less constant option, will help– At least I pray it does!! You can also scroll down on that page and click “Block all email updates from blogs youโ€™re following on” to stop them completely, though I know that might be a little bit too cold turkey.
    I hope this helps somewhat! If you have no idea of what I’m talking about (sorry, I’m not very good with step-by-step directions :(), I can send you snipped pictures of all these buttons over email! Whatever the situation, I am praying that Christ would give you clarity about this problem, and point you to a solution!

    Love in Christ,

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    1. Tessa Post author

      I have part of it taken care of. Most of them are going to the reader now. About 1/4 still are email. Weirdest thing ever. I tried several different things. Discussions had some things I could check off. Thanks for looking for me. I will try your suggestions too.



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